ARC© training

“If you want to obtain unprecedented results, try using unprecedented methods”.
Peter Senge

Thanks to techniques developed in the course of our long experience we will pass on to you :

→ Key inner attitudes to facilitate communication.
Keys to activate Collective Intelligence
Five key action techniques for broadening the field of possibilities in working with groups and teams :

  • Doubling
  • Empty Chair
  • Empathy Circle
  • Revealing Chairs
  • Analogical Detours (Metaphors, Symbolic Objects, Shapes and Colours, Similar-sounding Words)

You will develop your own ability to sollicit and foster the live forces of a group in the directions of : 

• Co-construction
• Motivated involvement
• Creativity

For trainers, consultants, supervisors, facilitators, coaches, academics, teachers, managers, coordinators, presenters, politicians, mediators, or facilitators who wish to gain, regardless of personal background and style, inspiration for their own particular form of professional practice.

If you would like to arrange for a training session to take place in your own country, do contact us.

For any informations concerning our training, certification process or ressources, please contact us :


In Belgium our ARC© training sessions are held in Brussels at the CFIP (Centre for Psychosociological Training and Intervention)

153 avenue Gribaumont, 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert