Groupe d'accompagnement psychologique

ARC© certification

 How to become an ARC© Facilitator
“I accompany groups and work teams by making use of these techniques ” 

Persons obtaining ARC© certification are recognised by the authors of the book as competent to accompany groups using the techniques proposed in the context of the ARC© method. They may also incorporate these techniques into their existing form(s) of practice: team supervision, project leadership, coaching, mediation, team management, training or teaching.

A certification process in 3 steps:

• Five days of ARC© training

Participants may begin by following either the 3-day or the 2-day module. Those who have already followed one module benefit from a particular status when they attend the second module. In their capacity as ‘initiates’ they are offered broader facilitation opportunities than the ‘novices’.

• 18 hours of supervision

A minimum of 18 hours of group supervision. The supervision process can begin after a minimum of 2 days’ training.

 • Presentation to a jury of a piece of the canditate’s personal work 

If you would like to arrange for a training session to take place in your own country, do contact us.