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 “Facilitating Collective Intelligence Online Certification” with Teledrama (action methods)

 How to become an ARC© Facilitator
“I accompany groups and work teams by making use of these techniques ” 

using This level 2 allows a deeper interiorisation and fluidity in the practive of the action methods presented in the book.  

Persons obtaining ARC© certification are recognised by the authors of the book as competent to accompany groups using the techniques proposed in the context of the book “Facilitating Collective Intelligence, a handbook for trainers, coaches, consultants and leaders” (Routledge 2019). They may also incorporate these techniques into their existing form(s) of practice: team supervision, project leadership, coaching, mediation, team management, training or teaching.

Groups are mixed with novice and more experimented participants.Those who have already followed one module benefit from a particular status when they attend the second module. In their capacity as ‘initiates’ they are offered broader facilitation opportunities than the ‘novices’.

3 possibilities of certification :

• Certification Level 1 : 20 hours of training to learn the basis of the approach.

Certification exam :

 – A practical experiment will be carried out in front of a jury and a group of people in training who will “play the game” of being led by the person in the certification process.

– A written work of about 5 to 7 pages which presents an application of an ARC approach in your field. The written work takes up the research dynamic presented in sheet 44 of the book. Note that the intervention you describe does not have to be “a success intervention”. What is important is your observations and analysis around what you did.

  1. Description and presentation of the professional context
  2. Description of the specific context of the animation
  3. Facilitator’s hypothesis in relation to the context, the process, the mode of intervention to be carried out in the group…
  4. The facilitation itself, with action methods
  5. Observation of the effects of the work done
  6. Elaboration of new hypothesis
  7. Some comments and observations about your work 

• Certification Level 2 (expert) : Master Class and supervision (minimum of 10 hours more training cumulate to level 1.

This level 2 allows a deeper interiorisation and fluidity in the practive of the action methods presented in the book. Participants are trained to facilitate and create new type of personal intervention with groups.

This supervision process and masterclasses can begin after a minimum of 20 hours training (level 1)

 Written work after the 10 hours : minimum 1 page with a global reflexion on your evolution and your own style using action methods after this masterclass.


If you would like to arrange for a training session to take place in your own country:

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